Monday, March 26, 2012

When Water Paintings Just Don’t Cut It

Art is the study of all things beautiful; or at least, you try to see something in a beautiful way. For an artist, the concept of beauty is so subjective that beauty begins to define itself depending on who the person is. A piece of artwork can be beautiful for some, and hideous to others, it all depends on how the person sees what beauty is.

A painting is two-dimensional form of art. It has length and width, rarely height, called a canvas where the painting is placed. Various media are used in paintings; water color, acrylic, and oil pastel are a few of the most commonly used media. This doesn’t stop there, however. There are even paintings created with strangely unique media such as food and hair dye. 

Oil painting is a form of art where one uses drying oil on canvas. It was really popular back in the Middle Ages of Europe, during the Renaissance Period. This is the reason why a classic medieva l painting seen in old castles is almost always an oil painting. These oil paintings have been on the more classic form of art; where generic paintings could be classified as such. It has been used for such a long time, and is still used even today.

Like anything else related to art; oil paintings can come at you in two ways; as abstract oil paintings or as concrete ones. It’s quite easy to tell the difference between a concrete and abstract oil painting. A concrete oil painting is one where most people easily agree with what the subject of the painting is. An abstract oil painting, however, has interpretations unique to the person viewing it. Abstract oil paintings, such as the Portrait of Dr. Gachet, has a very unique design that deviates from the normal form of how one would recreate an image of a person. It isn’t quite normal to see how the curves emphasize the shape of his entirety for concrete paintings, but for an abstract oil painting, it isn’t something new. It is also quite astonishing to find how abstract oil paintings have the typical stereotype of not being able to be recognized by the average Joe. Does it mean that an abstract oil painting can’t take a recognizable form, just because it’s abstract? I’ll let you ponder on that for me.

Oil paintings may also be classified according to when they were created. Much like on a chronological scale, contemporary paintings are those that were produced post World War II. The rise of the people after such an event gave birth to a new perspective in life, and thus, a new perspective to art. Despite its definition, however, one can find it difficult to distinguish contemporary paintings with pop art.
Pop art, unlike contemporary paintings, is a form of art that utilize the nature and setting of the modern era. You’ll see things such as computers, iPads, or any modern-day innovations used purely as a form of art. Pop art is starting to gain influence nowadays, and is quite easy to create. Because of its nature, virtually anything that represents the modern-day era can be used as a medium when creating pop art.

As earlier said, art, by itself, is not limited to being unique. For this reason, many people want a copy of the Mona Lisa in their own living room. However, we all know that this prized painting is worth billions, and if you even had that kind of money, you won’t be able to buy it from the museum anyway. It is for this reason that oil painting reproductions exist. Many replicas are actually in demand, not only because of their style, but also because of how paintings are able to complement one another in a certain place.

An oil painting gallery offers various forms of oil paintings that one can view to his liking. They feature a wide variety of oil paintings that may pique the interest of any artist. These are actually pretty useful places to visit to; especially if you’re new to art and want to know what kind of art pique most professionals’ interests. Many oil paintings for sale are even displayed in the same manner; as an oil painting gallery. This makes it easier for both the buyer and the seller to display what they want to retail. A good example of an online oil painting gallery would be at In fact, galleries like these are often frequented by both critiques and people who are new to art; and having a gallery would make it easier for you to familiarize yourself with how your eye sees beauty. There is, of course, a certain limitation to it, as others may find many forms of art to be very confusing. If you’re new to art, it would be best for you to visit painting galleries and see what kind of art suits your taste. Not everyone has the same taste buds, just as how not everyone has the same set of fingerprints.

For the reason why they are also popular, there are many oil paintings for sale. Many artists create a living by having an oil painting for sale and retailing them to aristocrats or other artists who like their work. Critiques may also find themselves wanting these kinds of oil paintings for themselves, seeing as original paintings from artists cost a lot more than reproductions.

In this modern day and era, it isn’t new to buy art online. Just as you can buy your flat-screen TV over the internet, you may just be likely to purchase high-quality art in the same process. Many art stores exist on the internet already, and it isn’t quite troubling to find one that sells what you want. There are search engines for that, and online stores almost always have search functions within them.

You can buy oil paintings, statues, replicas, or even a whole set of art if you fancy it. Don’t even think that there aren’t websites for that; if you type in “buy oil painting” in your search engine, thousands upon thousands of websites can direct you to where you wish to go.

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